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 Máy điện tim 6 kênh ECG 601

Máy điện tim 6 kênh ECG 601


Mô tả

Cardico 601 5.7" Color LCD 

Màng hình cảm ứng 5.7 inch 
Có thể kết nói trực tiếp với máy in Epson
Bộ nhớ: Trong 200 ECG + Bộ nhớ ngoài USB ( hỗ trợ thẻ nhớ tối đa 32G )
Kết nối mạng : LAN
Kết nối với bàn phím ngoài thông qua USB
Kiểm tra chứng loạn nhịp và phân tích
Touch Screen Operation
Patient information and operational setting conditions
can be entered by touching with a finger.

Arrhythmia Monitoring and Summary Mode
The mode is to display and print out the full disclosure, histogram and summary report for Supra-Ventricular Premature Contraction,Ventricular Premature Contraction and Atrial Fibrillation by recording selected single lead for the selected period from one to fifteen minutes monitoring for a patient suspected arrhythmia.

Autonomic Nervous System Test (ANS Test)
The Cardico 306/601 are equiped with the simplified examination for Autonomic Nervous System Test (ANS Test) based on Cyclic Variation of R-R Interval (CVRR) monitoring for 3 minutes or 500 beats.
CVRR is a variation coefficient that is a guide to suspect autonomic nervous system dysfunction.

ECG Data Management System
KENZ ECG DATA VIEWER CVS* enables to build ECG network and database system among ECG exam room, hospital wards and doctor's offices.

Recording Sample by Internal Thermal Printer and External Epson Printer

Arrhythmia Monitoring Summary : Cardico 601

Normal Paper Prints (A4/Letter) 

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 Máy điện tim 6 kênh ECG 601